10 easy & cheap ways to style Halloween candy jars


Eeek – Halloween is just days away! As moms, we all end up with some version of a Halloween Candy Boo-fet {wink}, so why not dress up those candy jars?

I pulled together some great last-minute ideas that are sure to impress even the littlest goblins:

  1. Beverage Labels via Martha Stewart to make these plain jars hauntingly cute!
  2. Easy Apothecary Jars via The Celebration Shoppe
  3. Halloween Candy Jars via Craftberry Bush
  4. Candy Corn Mason Jars via Mason Jar Love are too sweet!
  5. DIY Apothecary Candy Jars via At the Picket Fence are sweet and simple
  6. Wickedly Witchy Candy Jar via  Simply Designing (found on She Knows)
  7. Halloween Candy Jar via Sister Stuff
  8. Free Halloween Printables via The Celebration Shoppe will dress up any candy container
  9. Mummy Candy Holder craft via Parents
  10. Creepy Candy Jars via Target come with the candy and adorable package.

As always, we hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate!

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long legged spider suckers

Spider suckersThis easy craft made my little guys smile. Not only could they make them, but they could quickly pull them apart to eat them! All you need are:

  • Suckers
  • Black pipe cleaners (4 per spider)
  • Plastic eyes
  • Glue

Here’s how:

  • Take four pipe cleaners in one hand and one sucker in the other
  • Wrap the cleaners around the stick portion of the sucker once and then twist the cleaners to make the wrap tighter (the knot will be on the bottom of the spider)
  • Extend four legs onto either side and bend the ends (for feet) about a ½ inch to ¾ inch from the end of each pipe cleaner
  • Next bend the pipe cleaners (legs) so that the spider stands up
  • Finally apply the eyes using any white non-toxic glue (although on the outside of the wrapper, better safe than sorry)

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witch broom favors

Witch broom favorAll of your guests can fly high (sugar high that is) this Halloween with these fun broomstick favors. For each broomstick you’ll need:

  • Two lunch-size paper bags
  • Small branch (you could use a wooden dowel from the hardware store if you don’t have access to branches, but you’ll lose some of the spooky appeal)
  • Black twine
  • Candy


  • Unfold one bag and push out its base (don’t tear the bottom like I did the first time) while folding in the left and right sides (see how)
  • Using scissors (or a rotor cutter and quilters mat if you have them), cut the bag into thin strips, stopping short of the base
  • Cut thin strips into the top inch of the second bag
  • Open both bags, and place the second bag inside the shredded one and fill with candy
  • Insert a small branch 1 to 1 ½ inches into the bag; cinch the top and secure it closed with black twine
Idea source: marthastewart.com

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