ice cream cupcake inspiration

I’m working on a new project and I have ice cream on the brain, specifically ice cream cupcakes. Here are a few beautiful and interesting ideas that I found around the web.

Chocylit’s traditional ice cream cone cupcake (via flickr) - these may be the simple version, but this image is just too perfect, right down to the broken cone.

Tweedle Dee Designs’ ice cream sundae waffle cone cupcake – I love how realistic these look! {Great job Brandi!}

Hello Naomi’s made to look like ice cream cupcake – if you’ve not met Naomi, a robot computer programming engineer turned baker, you’re really missing out. Her creations are almost too lovely to eat. 

So now that I’m inspired by these talented ladies, I need to get back to planning. More to come soon!

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