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Raising A Reader with LeapFrog

I’m a reader. I have boys. I want them to be readers… And we all know that boys are less likely to keep reading (when not forced) than girls. That is why I started from the moment they were born. Reading together every night for at least 20 minutes in our house is not only a family tradition/habit, but also a reward.

I actually hate to admit this… but I’m going to just so you can get a feel for how much my boys love to read. If they’re jumping on the bed… not brushing their teeth… giggling so much they can’t breath… I simply threaten “okay, no book tonight!” and they immediately and I do honestly mean immediately, straighten up. And I don’t have toddlers anymore {sad smile}, my oldest is eight! And he reads at a 6th grade level (AR 6.2). Yep. I’m a proud momma.

Now just so you know, not everything we read is a great tale. Nope. I’ve read more science books (even parts of my old college Biology textbook to them… don’t get me started!) about creepy crawly slithery critters, space and electronics, African animals, weather, etc. than I care to name. But they loved it. And… I learned a thing or two right along with them. {grin}

Raise A Reader

My youngest has a particular fascination with dinosaurs, and he has since he was two. (Ever seen his 4th birthday Dinosaur Party? It was featured in Parents magazine!)

Raise A Reader

My point is, read what THEY like. It will keep them interested and eager. My oldest actually got grumpy with me recently when his little brother and I went to the library before we picked him up from school… he told me that just wasn’t fair! {grin}

At this point I feel I have to also tell you that both of my boys are big into sports too. They are energetic and social… and readers! They play baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis, golf and they swim. Yes… I know… we’re honing it down to our favorite sports. I only allow one sport at a time, unless it’s summer, and that is becoming more difficult the older they get. {smirk}

LeapFrog Learning System

Okay, so if you didn’t start reading to your little people from day one. No worries and no shame. OR, if you did and your kiddos are doing great, but you’re looking for something interesting to keep them going (I’m always on the look out for something new to keep them engaged).

Either way, you really should look at the LeapFrog systems to help your children grow as readers. I’m a lover of the hardback book… my kids are growing up in the age of technology… LeapFrog offers a melding of the two complete with reading, spelling, games, science, and more. My son, as you can see, was mesmerized by the Leap and the Lost Dinosaur book and the games inside, especially the Dinosaur Jungle Survivor Game that comes complete with a set of dinosaur fact cards. By the way, did I mention he’s a dinosaur lover. I should have taken a picture of his playroom for you… we have every dinosaur toy sold. Literally.

Raise a Reader with LeapFrog

Did you know it’s Reading Month?! Hop… or leap… over to LeapFrog.com for more details about why reading to kids for at least 20 minutes a day is not only a good idea, but is literally linked to test scores (plus, it’s great snuggle time!). You can also get a $3 off LeapFrog coupon code!

LeapFrog would also love for you to take the LeapFrog Reading Month pledge! Leap over to their Facebook page and help them donate books to America’s schools!

Wanna win a LeapFrog Tag to help you get started?!  So simple! Just tell us about your reading habits in the comments!

Prize items include (depending on your child’s age): Tag Leap and the Lost Dinosaur, Tag Get Ready for Kindergarten, Tag Junior Toddler Milestones, Tag Junior Animals Around the World. Approximate value of prize pack items is $50.

We’re using Rafflecopter and you can login with either your e-mail account (which no one will gain access to for any other purpose than to alert you of your prize) or facebook. Good luck!

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Happy weekend everyone!

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I was selected for this opportunity by Clever Girls Collective but content and opinions expressed here are my own. You guys know I would have it no other way! To take the LeapFrog Reading Month pledge, please visit their Facebook page. #LFReadingMonth #spon

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