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fun food ideas for healthy lunches

Hey everyone, it’s Bridget today! 

I’ve got healthy lunches on the brain since my Kindergartener just had her first lunch at school today, normally she’s just half-day. {sniff}

Daily packing with healthy lunch recipes can be a challenge with three kids; and this time of year I feel almost out of ideas and I’m looking for some fresh inspiration for what to pack for lunch.

Kids eat better when they think it’s fun (even if it’s a green veggie!). And what kid doesn’t love to play with their food?! So I rounded up nine fabulous lunch box finds to share:

  • Tasty Bugs via Nestle Kitchens are sure to have your kiddo bugging out when he opens his lunch box {smirk}
  • String Cheese Pencils via Moneywise Moms are just “write” for any lunch box! I know, but I’m on a roll!
  • Sick of sandwiches? Tortellini Salad via Parents is just one a long list of alternate lunch box ideas
  • Last Day of School lunch via Bento-logy is a charming way to make an impression
  • Owl Cookie Cutter sandwich via Cookie Cutter lunches will make any lunch a hoot! OK! I promise I’ll stop now

Sometimes a lunch box just needs a key snack or treat to make it exciting:



 And since you’ve spent the time and energy to make a fun and healthy kid’s lunch, don’t forget to add a little note to your child’s lunch box. We gave these away at the beginning of the school year, but they’re great for the end of the year too!


As always, we hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate! Happy lunching! {grin}

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project in the works

Super busy week this week working on three major projects. All of which I can’t wait to share with you, but today I only have time for a little update on my next project for I’m using these little individually wrapped Rice Krispies Treats to whip up some easy Halloween fun!

And since, yes, I’ve been obsessing over my first grader’s lunch this week, I’m putting them in his lunch box with a little note each day too. Hence, the “see you at 3:25!” note. {wink}

Oh, and make sure you pop in tomorrow as I’ll be announcing the biggest FREEBIE I’ve ever given away! And as always, I hope you’re inspired!

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