Thanksgiving turkey treats

This weekend my boys and I made a test run of the Thanksgiving turkey treats that will grace our kid table this year.

They’re super simple to make. I have an entire box of Rice Krispies Treats left over from my oldest son’s robot birthday party treats, so we started there. Next we rooted through our Halloween candy and came up with just the right color Starbursts and mini REESE’S cups.

For my youngest son, with dairy and egg allergies, I’ll make the Rice Krispies Treats from scratch using Smart Balance Original Light Butter, the Original Light part is important because some of the others have dairy, and substitute the REESE’S cup for another Starburst. And I always use Pillsbury white frosting.

Ever heated and molded Starbursts before?! I have! And you can make so many fun things in a ton of colors. So first, heat each individual square in the microwave (on its wrapper) for eight seconds. Lightly (you don’t want it wet because it will take the candy forever to dry) dampen your wax paper and your roller with water so that the candy doesn’t stick, then roll the candy out. 

I used one of my snowflake cookie cutter tips to make the feathers.

 Now assemble:

  • Insert a lollipop stick in your Rice Krispies Treats,
  • Attach your turkey’s face (aka REESE’S cup) with a dot of icing,
  • Add two dots of icing and two black sprinkle dots (from my Halloween mix) for the eyes,
  • Pipe on a triangle for the beak and little feet,
  • Attach the Starburst feathers and
  • Twist a small piece of the leftover Starburst to make the turkey’s gobbler

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake and create! Happy Monday!

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