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I’m a sucker for a “fun food” and although it’s usually things like my mini space shuttle cakes, frog cookies or graduation cap donut cupcakes, this time it’s different. I ran across this fabulous FREE e-book this weekend and just had to share it with all of you. It’s genius, creatively styled and just plain fun — all from the talented Claire Crespo and Country Crock.

There are more than 20 ideas including zucchini boats, sweet potato bear claws, pizza flag, out of the park baseballs and so many more. As I was browsing through it I thought, what fun ideas for healthy party snacks. The hippo dip is perfect for my safari birthday party collection, the molecular model brussel sprouts are so fun for my science birthday party collection, the butterfly squash is perfect for my bugs & butterflies birthday party collection, the green bean campfire is hilarious for my campout birthday party collection, and on and on!

Who said all the party treats had to be sweet?! Download your copy of “A Very Veggie World” now at

Happy Monday everyone and as always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake and create!

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lunch boxes with promise

As I mentioned on Monday (when I posted our FREE lunch box notes!), I’ve been obsessing a bit about my oldest heading off to first grade (and away from me for the entire day… for the first time since I left my corporate life). Lunch is a big part of that stress. He’s such a picky eater and I don’t want to fill his lunch box with cookies… I may have to, but I’m going on record that I don’t want to.

So, while I’ve been stressing and scouring the net for food ideas, I’ve come across some pretty cool lunch box ideas.

  1. He hates for his food to touch so this divider lunch box from Pottery Barn Kids would be a great option.
  2. He would love to doodle and draw on these frame napkins from Perpetual Kid, and it gives him something to do if lunch time gets boring… or more likely… he doesn’t want to eat what I pack him {stressed again}.
  3. He loves planes and I love the retro, so this linen box from The Land of Nod has promise. (It also comes in a green space rocket and other choices for girls!)
  4. He really loves camoflage right now and I love the monogram and the sturdy sides since he has to put his lunch in a huge bin with all the other kid lunches. So this bag from Pottery Barn Kids is a strong contender. Can you imagine the kid who brings his in a paper bag like I did?! It will be flat! 

More to come on food ideas as school gets closer. Happy Tuesday everyone!

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