Mother’s Day craft – monogram pots

Mothers Day Craft

My little alien and I made a Mother’s Day craft yesterday. {grin}

He’s six now, so he’s incredibly independent and always wants to do everything by himself. 

Mothers Day Craft

As you ladies know, when it comes to paint we can cringe a little sometimes. But guess what?! The new Modge Podge Washout… washes out… of clothing and furniture with soap and water, even when it dries before you get to it! It’s perfect for us and teachers. Just machine wash whatever it is. No pre-soak needed. And I use Apple Barrel paint all the time because clean-up is so easy when it’s wet.

So I set him up with a few supplies and let him go. There is something to be said for just letting kids be creative. For this project you’ll need:

Mothers Day Craft

We started by making plant markers. He dipped them in Apple Barrel paint and then we stood them upright to dry in a cup of uncooked rice.

Mothers Day Craft

Next we moved on to decorating flower pots. He wanted to monogram one with an “M” for Mimi, what he calls my mom.

Mothers Day Craft

And then he wanted to monogram one with an “L” for Love. I think the “L” was also the easiest letter to cut out of the fabric. “G” for Grandma seemed like too much work. {wink}

As you can see, he painted over the “L” but it does take a while to dry. If you’re in a hurry, you could also just douse the letter in Mod Podge Washout and apply.

Mothers Day Craft

Now on to planting. He chose these Begonias from our trip to the nursery. He and I both loved the deep and bright orange color!

Mothers Day Craft

By the time he was done planting the plant markers were dry and he wrote sweet little messages on them.

Mothers Day Craft

One of the things I loved most about this project is that my little guy can claim that he truly did this project on his own, which of course will make it that much more special to his Mimi and Grandma. Now, if you know them, just don’t ruin the surprise. {wink}

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As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate!

Big thank you to Plaid and Blueprint Social for letting us test drive their new Mod Podge Washout product and for the bit of payment. Yes, I did get paid to craft with my kiddo. I know. I love my job! But all opinions are my own of course. You ladies know I would have it no other way!

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DIY baby shower table numbers

With baby showers on the brain and all these Martha Stewart Crafts and Plaid Paints products from JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores in my craft room, I decided to make a simple craft this weekend: DIY baby shower table numbers for my Special Delivery stork baby shower collection!

The new pearl colors from Martha Stewart Crafts are my favorite. They shimmer! And what girl doesn’t like a little sparkle?! {wink}

You only need a few supplies:

  • hydrangeas (the large leaves are perfect; I used fake, but live would be lovely!),
  • mini glass jars (I used these for my son’s science party),
  • Martha Stewart Crafts fine point paint brush,
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Purple Martin Pearl (#32119),
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Fancy Script Stencil Set,
  • ribbon (available in the $1 section at JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores)

And here are the steps:

  1. Dip the tops of your glasses in the pearl paint, allow the excess to drip off and then dry the jars overnight.
  2. Fill the jar 3/4 with rock salt or sugar (it’s cheap and it sparkles just like the paint).
  3. Determine your placement.
  4. Stencil on each number with a fine point paint brush and finish in the detail if needed.
  5. Allow the leaves to dry and display.

It’s that simple! As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake and create!

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Product provided by Jo-Ann Stores, Inc. and Plaid Paints. Ideas and opinions are my own.

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