crafts for kids {12 science craft ideas}

12 Summer Science Crafts for Kids

Want crafts for kids? Ideas to keep your kiddos entertained and learning this summer?

The Celebration Shoppe is hosting a series of crafts for kids. Today is our second installment, science crafts for kids. What mom doesn’t want her child to learn while having fun? {grin} Make sure you check out our first roundup, 10 outdoor summer crafts for kids too.

Since my background is science (I was a pharmacist before staying home with the kids), I’m always looking for fun ways to teach my kids principles of science. These science crafts for kids are a fantastic way to bring art and science together through crafts!

  • Starfire Explosion Tie Dye Shirt via Fave Crafts is a fabulous experiment in colors and shapes. This site offers great tutorials in a multitude of patterns.
  • Bubble Gift Wrap Paper via Martha Stewart crafters makes beautiful papers and a fantastic lesson in surface tension
  • Absorbing Artwork via Spoonful combines a lesson in absorption and what happens when colors mix.
  • DIY Foam Stamps via Mom’s Crafty space allow for creative freedom and teach about negative space, too
  • Exploding Artwork via Housing a Forest is a frame-worthy lesson in air pressure
  • Marshmallow Shooter via Macaroni Kid lets kids learning about trajectories; but let’s face it…it’s just fun to shoot stuff at people {wink}

Can you feel your brain expanding yet?

  • Crystal Rainbows via Sweet and Simple Things can be made into almost anything. And they teach kids heat increasing dissolution as well as evaporation.
  • Spring Bouquet via Spoonful is a gorgeous way to brighten up any space. Kids will love learning about how the flowers draw in the coloring and why it stays.
  • Ice Art via Nurture Store claims to be a winter activity, but I see lots of potential for summer fun.  Colored ice blocks can be shaped and create cool sculptures.
  • Magnetic Silly Putty via Instructables adds a new element to an old favorite. Cool way to learn a bit about magnetic properties!
  • Homemade Gak via Musings of a SAHM is ooey, gooey, gross fun at it’s finest!
  • Mason Jar Terrarium via Scissors and Steam brings a live craft into your child’s world while providing you a chance to teach about why plants are so good for us to have on Earth.

I’m working on more posts including water crafts for kids, math crafts for kids and more! We’ll be pinning them all to our Crafts for Kids Pinterest board. Join us and don’t miss a thing! Oh, and make sure you follow all of Kim’s Pinterest boards for craft ideas for you, birthday and holiday party ideas, fun food recipes and so much more!

As always,  we hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate!

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science party prep


I’ve been so busy over the past few weeks launching new collections (candy corn, harvest and spooked pumpkin) that I’ve not had time to post about all the fun things we have planned for my oldest son’s sixth birthday this weekend, a science birthday party! For those who stop in often, you’ve likely read me ramble on about how much he loves science (and how my youngest loves dinosaurs). Well being me, we just had to create something unique to celebrate his big day. Plus, I love the idea of an educational birthday party!

So if you’ve not seen it yet, check out the science collection storyboard that I posted a few weeks ago and then take a look at these darling bubbling beaker cookies,


periodic table cookies (I love the Helium one!),


and yep, our cupcake printable designs in these beautiful rounds. Sue (and team) of Sweet Tooth Cottage hand decorated each of these lovely cookies and I couldn’t be more pleased with how perfect they are. And these are just pics inside the bakers box; wait until you see them in our cello toppers! And when we start shipping them they will be packaged and sealed in 4″ cello bags which are a perfect fit for our custom cello toppers… did I just write that…  hmmm… well I’ve been dying to tell you and so now I’ve let the secret out. A much more formal announcement with all the details will be coming closer to the end of the month, but until then, just imagine a yummy soft butter cookie that will melt in your mouth and match your table perfectly!

Happy Friday everyone and much, much more to come next week on the party including table decor, crafts, science experiments, and oh, yes, more goodies!

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